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Bad ones even super hard to track the link of the job

Example 1 — Total opposite translation

From the UX aspects, Robinhood did a good job of helping users get entry, but it lacks the necessary info for users to learn and make smart decisions. This will never help for a newbie to be a real INVESTOR.

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Localization or translation, and cognitive bias effect

1. Localization or simply translate

Source from Wikipedia - Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko

Lesson Learned 1 — No Research, No UX

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Team: ROI first.

Me: Research…

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If a designer stops learning but just relied on his/her YEARS in the industry to stay in the company, I believe it will be substituted by other younger talented designers sooner or later.

Without testing, there is no way to tell the design is good or not.

Definition Phase

Solving the wrong problem is the worst problem.

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